Monday, 21 November 2016


The new Lazy Oaf x Disney collaboration is amazing on so many levels.

Sure, they could have created prints featuring The Lion King, Frozen or other obvious Disney movies.  Instead they’ve opted for some of the unsung Disney movies we loved as kids.  Nothing is a better example of this than the Aristocats Denim Jacket.

For those of you who haven’t seen Aristocats, go do it now.  We will wait.  Back?  Good.

Featuring embroidered Marie face patches on each pocket, the jacket goes even further by applying pink ribbon running up the sleeves and a pink trim on the collar. 

A strong contrast to the unique white denim making up the majority of the piece.  Finally the jacket has pink quilted lining on the inside…that little bit extra Lazy Oaf is known for.

Easy to wear as the piece does all the talking, wear it with an clean basic look…or go all out with some other Lazy Oaf x Disney pieces.

The Lazy Oaf x Disney collection is exclusively available in Queensland at Violent Green Albert street store. Shop the collection here

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