Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Store favourite Thundercat can't do no wrong. This track is funky as hell and gets your head nodding.
Strangely enough, we've never managed to catch Thundercat live, but saying that, we've seen Stephen Bruner with his thrash pals Suicidal Tendencies! Talk about crossing genres!!! 

Tuesday, 28 June 2016


The fastest selling pants right now! Yep, DICKIES have been restocked instore in all your favourite colours and fits. The popular 873 slim straights and the highwaisted 874 classic work pants (available in cool white!). We even got some mens Bib overalls too!

Pop into Violent Green Albert street store for all your Dickies essentials or click here to shop our e-store here.





Sunday, 26 June 2016


Brisbane based Jessica Quinn has just delivered her first collection instore at Violent Green. The pieces feature fun artwork that feel distinctly Australian and have an almost Ken Done feel. We were lucky enough to have a chat with Jessica and talk more about her work.

Hey Jessica! How are you and what are you up to today?

Hey! Today is a typical day for me I am currently at home working on my new top secret designs for new projects and getting distracted but also drawing inspiration listening to the new Beyonce!


So what drove you to start your own label?  Was it something you’ve always had an interest in doing?

I studied Fine Art at Uni and didn’t know where it was going to take me for ages and then I had a lightbulb moment and realized I could use my obsession with pattern clashing and create my own wardrobe with my drawings. I didn’t originally think I would be doing as much drawing as I am because I actually studied video and sculpture, but it was my partner Jacks advice that drawing doesn’t have to have rules and to just go for it and be crazy! I’ve since gotten fruit and veggie tattoos so maybe I took that too literally. But anyway I basically took a major risk, quit my full time job to create something real for myself and to build a future and make a positive sustainable impact on the ever growing fashion industry. 

     Sweet! Love interesting tattoos! So where do you draw your inspirations?  As mentioned earlier, your pieces have a real ‘Australian’ feel to them, what with the fishing lure, palm trees and barramundi.  The prints are also quite reminiscent of Ken Done’s work.  Would I be correct in assume these played some part in your designs?

 Ken Done! I had a Ken Done pillowcase when I was little, it was a beach scene with little stick people and I spent more time staring at it then sleeping on it! I work a lot from old family photos or objects I have or collect, my house constantly has fruit and vegetables to literally draw inspiration off! I’m constantly bringing ingredients for dinner into my studio to sketch. It’s just fun! I’ve always thought making art or anything creative you should involve humour, there is so much out there and you need to make a point of difference, but also you have to be confident behind your idea. If you’re confident you can pull just about anything off! 

Do you use your designs in any other mediums?

When I first started I did a few experimental tea towel prototypes and I just recently learnt how to sew a cushion! 

How do you go about creating your prints?  Do you have a specific theme in mind, or do you just create what you feel like at the time?

I love the classic old school Aussie icon imagery, the Pavlova, tropical fruit, the native flora and fauna and basically anything nostalgic to me. I love drawing from family photos, mostly the candid photos of Christmas seafood lunch or Grandad sleeping on the couch. Those moments you might not usually notice. 


Are you working on any other ideas at the moment?

I am constantly working through new ideas and concepts for my label, the next step is creating custom textiles for the label using my drawings.

  What can we expect next from Jessica Quinn as a label?

I am working on a limited edition of a few homeware items coming soon and more ready to wear unisex items in the near future. I am really interested and focused on producing quality garments with ethically sourced fabrics.


After a day of creating, how do you normally unwind?  Give us a tip on your favourite spots to hang out at in Brisbane?

I work solo at home so I’m usually keen to talk to someone! My Fiance is a Barber at Jimmy Rods Oxley so I visit them for a coffee from my favourite barista Mitch but I recently tried the new Jimmy Rods - The Shave Saloon bar which is an awesome secluded spot for cheeky cocktails and cheese board! 

Thanks for your time Jessica, we look forward to seeing more from you!