Sunday, 15 May 2016

ROSIE LOU - Getting To Know Designer Olivia Chesterton

Gone are the days of tacky gift cards with over the top one liners. The new guard of artists designing greeting cards have taken things to the next level with cheeky and fun cards that are really smart and well thought-out. One of these new kids on the block is design team ROSIE LOU. Our girl Fish had a chance to chat to head honcho Olivia about her label. Here's what went down.

Hey Olivia, thanks for taking the time to chat. So how did you get into illustration?

I come from a very creative family so I guess I grew up with it. Rosie Lou came about when I was hand watercolouring some cards for some friends, when my sister Camille said “you could sell those!”

Camille, what a little entrepreneur! So what is your biggest inspiration as an artist?

I love trawling through Instagram and Pinterest to see what people all over the world are up to

Me too! I'm on there 24/7. So how long does it usually take to create one of your prints? 

From initial ideas to printing, quite a long time! My sister (and business partner), Camille and I will sit down and have a massive brainstorming session to come up with the puns to go on the cards. It is often my favourite part, as we have come up some really great ones that unfortunately haven’t made it to print yet. 

Exciting to see what they are! So what is your favorite medium to work with?

Aside from digital, definitely watercolour. I love the depth of colour you can create with watercolour. There are so many possibilities!

We love the watercolour prints Rosie Lou is doing. So if we were to walk into your workspace right now, what would we see?

To be honest, a mess. But the most messy people are the most creative, right? Right? You would see lots of sketch and watercolour paper, a multitude of different pens and brushes, an old tea cup or two, and of course my laptop. 

Haha, yes, I agree, the messy ones are the best. So how is it working as a duo with your sister?

It is the best! I wouldn’t want any one else as my business partner. She is the drive behind Rosie Lou, so if it wasn’t for her, there probably wouldn’t be any hilarious pun cards. 

If you weren’t designing at the moment, what else do you think you would be doing?

Travelling. Although I cant really imagine a life without designing so I would probably be travelling and designing on the go. I think that’s the dream! 

Sounds like a great dream. Are there any future projects coming up you can share with us?

There are so many new projects in the works. They are all in early stages just yet but we are planning to recruit our very talented mum to do some screen printing for us. So keep an eye out for some screen printed animal goodies!

Keeping it in the family, nice one! So off the topic of work, when you aren’t being a creative where are your favorite places to hang out?

Definitely with my friends in cool local cafes and bars. There are so many cool places opening up in Brisbane at the moment. I also love going back to my parents who live in Maleny. It’s like a little hinterland getaway every time I am there. 

Sounds like a great little retreat. Thanks for taking the time out to chat with us Olivia!

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