Sunday, 1 May 2016

COUCOU SUZETTE - Getting to know designer Juliette Mallet

We've just received our first delivery from Parisian label COUCOU SUZETTE. Specialising in fun, bright and kitch designs, this label is sure to perk up your day. Our shopgirl Fish caught up with designer Juliette Mallet for a quick chat.

Hey Juliette!! We absolutely admire your kooky bits and pieces and would love to pick your brain to see how these creations come about. Lets start with what your main inspiration is behind your designs?

I would say Girls! But not in a too girly/cute way, I like to make fun, powerful and sexy Women central in my work.

 Girls- great answer. So do you have a certain way you work that you find helps you create and come up with ideas for what you are going to make?

I always have a little notebook with me and I keep doodling and writing ideas in it (all day long) as soon as something comes to my mind. Then I choose the best ideas, draw it again and again until I'm really happy with it. I then scan it and work on colors with photoshop. Best part is choosing what I want to turn into my illustrations (pattern for socks, pins, jewelry…)



That must be the hard part!
Is there a particular artist/tv show/designer/book/magazine that you find helps get the creative juices flowing?

I love listening to Piiaf, a rad Parisian webradio, when I work, their music is the best to turn you in a good mood. Also Instagram and Pinterest are real source of creativity and inspiration, I love costumed iced cookies for instance.

Yeah, music always helps set a mood. So what does your workspace usually look like, super messy or always neat?

Definitely super messy! I’m obsessed with glitter, I've bought some from every place I found some, so my office if full of it, everywhere!



Ha ha, so where is one place you go to escape reality and be at one with your thoughts?

I would say anywhere outside of the city, I love taking long walks.

And where would you take us if we were to come visit you for a weekend?

I would bring you to brunch in a cute Parisian restaurant terrace, then we would ride bicycles to go to some vintage stores, lay down in a park, have caïpirinhas and go to a concert.



OMG, perfect host! So if you weren’t creating right now what do you think you would be doing?

 Maybe Art teacher for young children!

Ha ha! So did you study? If so what was it and did you enjoy it?

I studied in E.N.S.A.D. in Paris for 5 years where I got my Illustration Diploma, I went to study Art and Design in Tokyo for a while and did a Jewelry Class in l’Ecole Boule in Paris when I came back.
Righto, so who is your favorite person in the world right now ( can be alive or dead)?

My cousin Céline which is as fun as adorable, she is everything to me. Also my brilliant and sexy boyfriend who I knew since I was born (sorry if my answers are kitsch).

Ha ha, that's perfectly fine. Are there any upcoming projects you are working on that you can share with us? We are super excited to see what’s next.

Sure! I’m currently working with a rad French sneakers company to customize their best seller, I’m turning some of my illustrations into colorful candies with an English brand. I have a summer clothing collection coming out with a fantastic American company. I’m designing patches for a capsule bag collection with a Parisian brand and I’m currently working on quirky kitsch silicon phone case!

Woohoo, that sounds awesome, you must be very busy! Thanks for taking the time chatting with us Juliette!

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