Thursday, 28 January 2016


Design is integral when creating a memorable minimalistic piece of clothing. You can’t rely on an eye catching print – instead it all comes down to the cut and detailing of an item. A piece that encapsulates this perfectly is the Cocurata Sleeveless Shirt Dress.

Made from a crisp white cotton blend, this dress is fresh and easy to wear in any climate. The asymmetrical collar which runs the length of the dress looks amazing and adds those details mentioned earlier. The collar is also soft and can be easily manipulated to style it to the way you want.

The dress also has two hidden side pockets which are a blessing. You really forget how much you need pockets until you’re left without them!

The dress is really affordable despite the effort and quality control that has been applied and like all Cocurata pieces; it’s limited to a run of 300 worldwide!

Check it out in our Albert Street Brisbane City store and online here 

Cocurata Sleeveless Shirt Dress

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