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Getting to know..... KATIE from SPEAKEASY. CO

Hailing from Sydney, Speakeasy Co. makes 100% soy wax candles that smell truly amazing.  A Violent Green staff favourite is the salted caramel...we know you aren’t meant to eat them, but it’s pretty hard not to.  We got together with head honcho, Katie to talk a little bit about the label.

    Hey Katie, how are you?
I am extremely well thanks!

    Congratulations on a great collection of candles, they smell so good!  Where did you get the ideas for the scents you used?
The scents came from a lot of messy hours of experimenting with fragrance oils and then choosing what we liked best. 

    What made you choose soy wax over a more traditional wax?
Soy wax is a very clean wax that burns at a much slower rate so you can enjoy your little folk’s flame and smell for longer. 

    That's awesome, I didn't know that. The scent of the candles is quite varied, going from a really decadent Cinnamon and Vanilla to a more subtle Coconut and Lime.  Was this an intentional choice to have such a varied selection?
We wanted the brand to cater for all noses. We also tried to make a fragrance for every room in the house and every occasion. The more earthy tones work nicely in creating a sense of warmth and homeliness in the living room and bedroom and the more floral and spicy tones work nicely in kitchens and bathrooms. 

    Do you find the different scents of your candles complement each other in anyway?
The Salted Caramel and Cinnamon & Vanilla compliment each other really well. They both smell like delicious home baked desserts.
    Nice. I'll have to give that combination a go. So all the candles are hand poured in Sydney, how important is it to you to keep things local?
I am a big believer in the idea of what you put in, you get out. We put in so much love, time and energy into ensuring each candle is looking and smelling its best for our customers. That is why my partner and I hand brew and hand pour every candle. The consistency for our Speakeasy candles is our number one. It’s amazing how much better the quality of things are when they come from love.

    That's a great way to think. So where did the name ‘Speakeasy Co.’ come from?
Funny story actually. I started my chandler career one day out of pure boredom. My boyfriend and I wanted to learn how to cut beer bottles with string, ice and fire and after many failed attempts we finally got some to work. I started a little stall at the Brewery Yard Markets and from there things kind of picked up quickly. After work we would wonder down to the local bars in the area and bring as many bottles back to our small studio in Sydney. Before we knew it the studio was full of beer bottles, wax and oils and we kind of felt that we were running a secret Speakeasy operation. We don’t cut beer bottles anymore...

    Ha ha, that's a great story! There are currently six candles in your collection, all are great.  Can you see yourself extending the roster anytime soon?
Absolutely! We are already experimenting with some more woody, earthy and citrus fragrances. We are also bring out some larger vessels soon, which is really exciting as they will be double the size, with 80 hours of delicious burning. 
Exciting! So from the start of the design process to the end result, how long does it typically take to craft a candle?
The Speakeasy Co. brand has been running for less than a year now and I think we are only now really starting to get the process down to fine art. We make our candles in small batches of ten to keep consistency and due to demand are struggling to find a day where we are not in the studio. From melting the wax, adding our fragrances, pouring, labelling and packaging it takes about an hour to create each batch.
   Man, you guys are doing great for such a short amount of time. Can we expect to see Speakeasy Co. branching out into other avenues in the future?
At the moment we are solely focussed on bringing our customers the most delicious candles. We have thought about other avenues surrounding the idea of fragrances and soy based products, however for now being candle addicts, we are happy to keep expanding the current candle range. 
 After a day of pouring hot wax, how do you guys unwind?
To be honest, pouring the hot wax is how I unwind. It is a very relaxing and mindful time. We play really good music and dance around breathing in the delicious aromas. When it’s time to cook, I get exciting about having a break from the other more boring parts of the business like finances. 

I hear ya Katie! Hey thanks so much for your time and best of luck with everything!

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