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Getting to know... ALEX from WANDERLUST WATCHES

Violent Green recently welcomed ‘Wanderlust Watches’ to its roster.  Based out of Sydney, model turned watchmaker Alex Dask strives to create effortlessly wearable pieces made of the highest quality.  We got together with Alex to find out a bit more about the label and see what makes him tick (hahah).
 Hey Alex, how are you?
            I'm great now after reading that brilliant pun above :)

Haha, so many puns for watchmakers. Gotta control myself! So Alex, what first inspired you to get into watchmaking?  Was it something you always wanted to do?

I have always loved watches and when I was growing up I would constantly wear my dads vintage Cartier. I really loved the minimalistic style of it - which was in stark contrast to a lot of the much larger faced watches that were popular at the time. I had been wanting to start a collection for quite a while but just didn't have the time (we really have to stop these puns haha) or resources to bring Wanderlust Watches to life. 

   Yeah nice. We find a lot of designers were heavily influenced by parents. So how smooth was the transition between modelling and watchmaking?  What made you decide to move on from the catwalk?

I actually stopped modelling a couple of years ago to mistakingly put my university degrees to use and get what I thought at the time was a 'serious' job - I worked in corporate sales and strategy but just found I really wasn't passionate about it at all. The transition from model to a corporate type job was incredibly difficult because all of a sudden my freedom and creativity I felt was taken away. However, the transition from modelling to Wanderlust Watches is much more complementary - both allow me to explore creatively, are focussed on fashion / design / photography and ultimately give me a lot of pleasure and freedom.

  That's great. Your watch shape is really classic and easy to wear, the only difference between each style being the colours.  Was this something you set out to do, or later on found the shape was so universal only the colours needed to be changed?

It's a great observation - our core goal was to create a minimalistic unisex timepiece which we inevitably discovered somewhat limits what we can do from a design perspective. However, in saying that we are currently designing an upcoming collection that really pushes the boundaries of what you would expect from a modern timepiece. 

How exciting!  So we can expect to see you venturing into new shapes and colours in the future?

Another great question and as mentioned, we have an upcoming collection that is definitely a unique design for a modern timepiece. In addition, for our existing collections as you mention we will continue to innovate and launch new sizes, shapes, colours and other features to ultimately allow our customers to show off their individuality as much as possible :)

Nice one. So do you have a favourite watch from your collection?

My favourite changes all the time. However in saying that, I probably tend to wear the Williamsburg from our New York Collection the most consistently. Whilst all our timepieces are unisex I think it has a great masculine look when worn on a man and given the colour it goes with almost anything.

    We've actually sold quite a few of your watches to female customers so it really shows it's quite a unisex line! You travelled a lot as a model, do you have a favourite city to visit?

It's ironic I am obsessed with Paris but as a model I was never able to land an agency there because I was always considered too big for that market - which is strange as I think it's the first time in my life I was ever called big - gave me a bit of confidence! haha :) 

    Haha, that's what I deal with in Japan! So Alex, What do you do in your downtown to unwind?

I love photography so am always exploring and capturing moments as best I can. Also, it's great to just unwind by catching-up with family and friends. 

    That's great. Well thanks for your time Alex and we wish you all the best for the future of WANDERLUST WATCHES!
Thank you :)

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