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Getting to know ...... DESOLATE PUBLICATION

Locals rule! That's pretty obvious right?Hahah. Well let's get to it today and meet small Brisbane based publication "DESOLATE" who offer minimal design style in Desolate issue #1 (a photo exploration with a clean sleek aesthetic). We got to know Daniel Moore.

Hey Daniel.  How are you?

Daniel: Not to bad Thank you, How about urself?

 Pretty great, excited to pick your brain! So when and why did you first decide to create Desolate Publication?

Daniel: I guess we always liked film photography. At the time we were studying Graphic Design and both had a really strong passion for both photography and design. We wanted to do something with the two and Desolate was the outcome.

 Looking through the publication, you can see a lot of recognisable places from Brisbane, but from angles the public wouldn’t normally see.  Did you have much trouble getting to these vantage points?

Daniel: I think it just comes down to the way you look at the world around you. Something may look really crazy or out there in a photo. But really it’s just an ordinary car park or alley way you probably walk past every day. So usually we don't have to much trouble. But we have had our fair share of late nights in dodgy car parks and what not, they make for the best photos but come with obverse dangers.

Cool man. So over how long were the photos taken?  How long did it take to compile everything together?

Daniel: Some of the photos were taken prior to starting the publication. But most during the process of putting it together. From coming up with the idea and launching our social media to releasing the book was around 3 months. In comparison to what we see and do to what we show on social media is very little though probably only 10% 

 Was photography something you’ve always had an interest in?

Daniel: I have been into photography for about 5 years now, mostly digital. Tarni got me into film though. At the time we were really into exploring Brisbane..  Which is kind of what the book is based off.

 What sort of gear do you use?  Are you more ‘traditional’ and use film, or more interested in a digital format?

Daniel: I use both. When shooting film I go out with different intentions to shooting digital. I use an old canon T50 and a Fujifilm. Sometime I use disposable cameras. I think over time desolate has definitely become more digital though. 

 Is Desolate a side project for you guys?  How far would you like to push the publication?

Daniel: Definitely, we both study our bachelor of Communication Design so we tend to work on desolate when we have time or feel like it. I really like the idea of Desolate being successful though. I have really tried to take it more serious lately. 

I hear ya, millions of things going on and gotta focus. So will you keep photographing the Brisbane area, or would you like to push out to other cities?

Daniel: I like shooting local. But things do get a little repetitive after awhile. I often find myself shooting the same places over and over. I cant see myself pushing out anytime soon though. 

 How do you guys unwind in your time off?  More photos?

Uni takes up around 90% of my spare time, but when I have some I like to listen to music or spend it in the garden. I also collect books and like to organize my belongings.

Music's a great way I find. So when can we expect to see issue 2?

Daniel: I have plans to release something very soon! stay tuned.

Exciting! Thanks for your time Dan, much appreciated.

Thanks Rob for taking the time to put the questions together!

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