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Getting to know..... CRAWLERS

Auckland home wares label ‘Crawlers’ has quite a varied collection. Offering everything from edible insects (which I will definitely be cramming into my mouth at some point), artworks and candles they have a lot of bases covered.  Their candles look amazing and smell even better (shop here). We had a chat to Dan and Matt from the label to get to know Crawlers and see what makes them tick.

     Hey guys, how are you?

Hey, we are doing good, ready to answer some questions! 

     Where did the idea for Crawlers first start?

The idea first started for Crawlers from Matt having a small collection of vintage framed butterflies. We took that idea of framed insects that has been around for centuries and turned it into designer high-end insect art for the modern home. Which then lead onto doing our dome displays, prints, edible insects and now our first Candle collection.

  When did you decide to move into candles?

We both really love candles so we decided to design a candle range that was very unique in a lot of ways, 1 being that we felt there was a gap in the market for more of a younger, more masculine range of candles. So we took that on whilst designing this range of Candles.

     It is really great how the scents of your different candles complement each other.  Take for example ‘Lust and Loathe’ - ‘Saint and Sinner’ - ‘Obey and Rebel’. Did you set out to achieve this, or did you notice later on how well some of the scents went together?

The first step to creating our candle range we did was finding 3 combination of words that were totally opposite ie. ‘Good vs Evil’ and that everyone could relate to. We intentionally paired the fragrances also. The ‘Evil’ side compliments the good side with heavy and strong notes on the ‘Evil’ and sweeter and fruity notes on the ‘Good’.

  We’ve also noticed how varied the scents are.  While some are quite sweet smelling, others have more ‘spicy’ notes. Do you have a large team to be able to get so many different smells?

We blended every fragrance for this range ourselves by mixing various scents together. We wanted unique nostalgic fragrances that no one really has come across before in a candle. We don’t have a big team but the trial and error process for the fragrance combinations took some time.

     Is there particular candle (or candles) that are a favourite at the Crawlers HQ?

We both have our favourites defiantly, “Loathe – Dark Mint Chocolate” is Dan’s and “Sinner – Spiced Blood Orange” is Matts. These two scents were already chosen even before designing this collection as we had envisioned these two scents for a long time.

 I see that it is really important that Crawlers is as self-sufficient as possible, making everything in New Zealand by hand.  Do you find the process more rewarding as a result?

We started Crawlers 1.5 years ago literally from the ground up, every aspect of Crawlers (Photography, Design, Concepts, Website, and every single finished product are made by ourselves. At the end the day, it is very rewarding knowing our customers are enjoying our product’s that we designed and created ourselves. 

     From start to finish, how long does it take to create a Crawlers candle?

Initially our candles took around 2 months, from concept to completion with designing, packaging, blending fragrances and sourcing unique materials. But when it comes to creating the Candles, we do them in batches of 500 in our studio pouring each and everyone by hand. This process takes about 4-5 days (which includes creating the packaging for each candle)

 Other than munching on bugs, how do you guys all unwind after you’ve finished up a collection?

Between us, we have a whole new home ware brand in the pipelines (completely different to Crawlers) that we have been designing for the past 6 months. We are getting ready to launch this in August, so unwinding hasn’t really been an option between running Crawlers and its successes and designing our new home ware brand. A holiday is defiantly first on our list later this year!! 

  Any advice for someone looking to get into starting their own home wares label?

The best advice we could possibly give is if you have a unique idea simply just go for it and give it everything you’ve got!

Thanks for your time guys!

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