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Getting to know.... YUKI SHIBUYA from LIFE IS CONNECTED

Melbourne label ‘Life Is Connected’ has hit Violent Green racks offering some awesome pieces to help fill out anyone’s wardrobe.  From cotton tees, to wool jumpers, you are bound to find something you like. We got together with the main man Yuki to find out some more about the label and what makes him tick.

Hey Yuki.  Firstly, congratulations on a great collection!  How long has LIC been operating?
LIC was established in 2010 in Melbourne.

What made you first start your own label?  Was it something you were always interested in?  

I've always loved fashion. I graduated from Tokyo fashion collage and started my career in Tokyo. I was initially  interested in becoming a fashion buyer and had travelled around the world. I was inspired by a guy in NY who was launching his own label and  I realised that "creating" had great appeal to me. 

Is there any kind of aesthetic you try to appeal to, or do you try to keep your market more broad?

The base of my design is simple and wearable but in every collection I like to create something unique - in this case the work jacket. I generally collaborate with unknown artists that appeal to my sense.  Fashion comes from within and my clothes aim to complement the individual style.  

 Your collection is really easy to wear, opting for more ‘classic’ styled pieces as opposed to ‘statement’ pieces.  Was this a deliberate decision?
Yes, my focus is definitely to create classic styled pieces but I try to introduce some one off statement pieces into the collection. 

Is there a particular piece from this collection you’d call your favourite?  I really dig the Work Jacket myself.

 Yes, I love the stripe knits and work jacket, too. Illustration is by NO PANTIES who is inspired by art culture of LA and Paris. NO PANTIE's drawings are full of vintage, funk and subtle of sweet taste.

LIC is currently a men’s label.  Can you see it ever branching out into women’s pieces?
My current focus is men's fashion but I never say never.

 Being an Australian label, are your pieces marketed more towards the clientele and climate that come with it? And if there was anywhere in the world you would want to break in to, where would it be?

Given that Australia's climate is so diverse it's more important for me to focus on quality. Japan and United States are definitely somewhere that I want to break into. 

Do you get to travel around Australia often? If yes, do you have a favourite city to visit?

 Yes, I've been very fortunate to travel much of Australia.  I love the great outdoors and the Australian outback is amazing! I've driven from Darwin to Melbourne in 2 days. I loved Kununurra, WA.

How to you unwind after finishing a collection?  Do you get any down time, or is it straight back into it for the next season?

Between my collection and family when I get a chance down time for me is catching up with friends over a few drinks. However I'm always thinking about something.

Thanks for your time Yuki!

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