Thursday, 30 April 2015

//// M E S M E R I S M \\\\ - Win tickets!

“MESMERISM is like walking through a forest and suddenly all the insects everywhere start their throbbing chorus. Like sitting on the beach and hearing the multiple waves crash near and far. Like listening to the sound of wind sweeping through all the leaves of all the trees and grass around you.”  -Luke Jaaniste

Enter the hypnotic, immersive, vibrational world of sonic artist Luke Jaaniste.
 As part of his Fresh Ground residency, Luke is creating and curating a series of sonic immersions, to mesmerise your body, mind and soul — presented in an emptied out, darkened Performance Space at the Judy with the comfiest cushions in the universe. Lie down, sit and walk around. Find the place your body loves, and luxuriate. This is full-body listening, as you float within gorgeous clouds of undulating sound.

For the //// M E S M E R I S M \\\\ Autumn Festival this May, Luke follows on from the mesmeric happening of his Summer Festival, creating more super vibrational clouds of sound, presenting the work of invited guests along with one of his own ongoing sonic projects. Call it music, art, meditation, ritual, whatever… just be present, and embrace your ambient organism.

FRIDAY // dives body first into wave propagations and sonic palpitations - the way sound waves combine to create patterns in time and space that are literally in the air. First up is The Feather Collector (Hannaka Johnson) creating a sonic forest with multiple vocal loops undulating across the pace. Luke will present a new beefed up version of Sub Terror for multiple electric bass guitars and 1000W speakers, using a form of direct contact feedback that sees the strings of the bass guitar vibrate like never before, in a complex interactive field. Assisted by Kate Thomas, and based on a smaller two-guitar version which was presented at the Brisbane Experimental Arts Festival at Judith Wright Centre last year.

SATURDAY // takes experimental electronica and beat-based music all the way into a fully spatial experience. A multi-channel, surround-sound set up. Each speaker in space articulating moments within beat based electronic music gestures, such that the rhythms we hear occur in space, not just time. Our bodies are thus massaged and provoked by rhythmic sound from all around. Like insects in a forest, just with some added funk. The work presented is based on practical experiments with musician and computational researcher Toby Gifford within the spatial sound lab at Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Luke and Toby are also joined by spatial sonic creator Mark Pederson from Melbourne.

To win a double pass to the performance on Friday night, simply email with VIOLENT GREEN in the subject heading and your contact details in the email body. Good luck!

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