Tuesday, 21 April 2015

HELLO FRIEND by Rome Torti

Our good friend Rachel recently lost her beloved husband Rome to cancer. Our thoughts have been with Rachel and her family. We thought the best way to help out would be to support the release of the Hello Friend publication that saw light late last year. This 168 page hardcover book captures memories that Rome would like to share with you. All proceeds go towards the Torti Family Trust Fund. Grab a copy in Violent Green Albert street store or here


Hello Friend features the work of Australian-based photographer Rome Torti.
Rome decided to produce this book as he came to the end of a hard-fought, five-year battle with cancer. More than a dying wish, this was a lifelong dream, and although Rome passed away just before the project went to print, he did get to proudly see the construct through. 
While many hold close in their hearts cherished memories of Rome as a truly remarkable human, this insight into his photography is a legacy he leaves behind for all to treasure. Capturing an era of skateboarding spanning a decade, each picture tells its own story. It can be a raw and gritty world, but like the radiant energy that followed Rome everywhere he went, he saw nothing but positivity. 
These are not only fleeting moments in time, they are memories of Rome's that he wanted to share with you, now and forever. 

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