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Gold Coast jewellery designer Mark Devos has just dropped our first delivery off at Violent Green Albert Street store.  We got together with Mark to ask him a few questions about his label, jewellery design and life on the ‘GC’.

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How long have you been designing jewellery Marc?

I have been designing and hand-making jewellery for over 25 years.

Where do you draw your inspiration and ideas from?  If you don’t mind me saying, your designs seem a far cry from what most would associate with ‘Gold Coast’ culture.

Although I’ve lived on the Gold Coast for over twenty years, I was born in Victoria and spent my childhood in Belgium.  My family was always travelling, so there have been many, varied influences in my life and on my work.

Each piece is hand made from start to finish.  Typically, how long does the design process take per style?

Every piece is different – sometimes inspiration hits hard and fast and other times an idea takes longer to form.  The creation of a new piece may take me a matter of hours, or even days or weeks for a more complicated piece.

How did you first get into making jewellery?  Was it something you always had a passion in, or was it something you were more curious about?

Many people in my family are accomplished artists and my parents dealt in fine antiques, so I have grown up surrounded by objects d’art.  While I was still in High School, I was offered an apprenticeship by a talented local Jeweller.  I knew straight away, I was going to make it my career.

Quite a few jewellery makers also dabble in sculpting on the side.  Is this something you also get into, or do you put most of your energy into your jewellery?

Many of my pieces are actually sculptured or include sculptured elements.  I don’t use CAD (computer assisted design) programs, as I feel it takes the soul out of jewellery.  I prefer to hand carve my master models in wax, cast them in metal and then hand finish and hand set each piece individually, so that even the duplicated pieces all have a life of their own.  Other pieces are entirely hand worked straight into metal in the traditional way.

What materials do you use when crafting your pieces?  Is there any metal you haven’t used but are interested in trying out?

I mostly work in 18 ct Gold and Silver, but also other Gold carats and colours, Platinum and Palladium.  I have made a few pieces using the Japanese art of Mokume Gane, which is a hand worked combination of different metals, producing some amazing patterns and effects.  It is a very time-consuming method, but I would love to experiment further with it, when time allows.

How do you unwind in your spare time? Is there anywhere particular you like to visit?

When I’m not at my bench, I enjoy movies, books, bike riding and spending time with the family.  Travelling is a passion I’d love to have more time for.  Europe is in my blood and so is chocolate, so I look forward to my next trip to Belgium!

Any advice you can give to someone interested in making their own jewellery?

Jewellery is an art form.  It should be creative and fun and have its own character and soul, so go with your heart and let the ideas flow!
Thanks for taking the time Marc!

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