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Getting to know..... TRASHFITS

Brisbane local Chris Hahn aka Trashfits tees arrived instore a few weeks ago and already causing quite a buzz. All original prints done by the man himself, reminiscent of punk and stoner gig posters. We thought we would pick Chris' brain about his creative process and what makes him tick
If you are interested in Trashfits tee's pop into the Violent Green Brisbane city store or shop the collection here

Rob Green: Hey Chris, How long have you been designing prints?
Chris Trashfits: Since I started Trashfits really, I had an art show with a few others at The Fox and did some art for that, but never to be mass produced.
Rob Green: Did you initially design them to print onto clothing, or was that something you decided once you had finalised the prints?
 Chris Trashfits: They were never designed for clothing man, it just seemed like the next step in the process of the art. But my room mate did push me to make him a shirt and by the end of the night, we had the brand Trashfits.
Rob Green: Other than your prints, what other mediums do you work with?   
 Chris Trashfits: I've been doing some fine art, which includes water colour, pencil and sharpie pens mainly. Other than that it's just what I can get my hands on. 

Rob Green: Your artwork reminds me a lot punk/stoner gig posters.  Would you say that music was an inspiration toward your aesthetic?  Any particular artists or genres? 
Chris Trashfits: Punk/ stoner gig posters, haha I'm flattered. But yeah for sure, music is a massive influence in what I do for Trashfits and anything really. I don't really know how to explain the genre, but I guess you could call it stoner rock, you know, like your FIDLAR or DRENGE kinda bands. 
Rob Green: Are there any artists that you draw inspiration from?  The simple black and white prints and heavy shading definitely remind me of Ric Clayton’s work.
 Chris Trashfits: I dont really know if I have any inspiration for the shirt designs. I really like drawing the skulls of pre historic animals as I can put a lot of detail in the works with heavy use of black and white. But for my fine art, I quite like the collaboration of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, any of their solo works and of course, Jackson Pollock.
Rob Green: Are you working on any more prints at the moment?  Any insight of what we can expect to see next from Trashfits? 
Chris Trashfits: I have a few that I've done up already. For example, a pair of boxing gloves with barbed wire around the fists, underneath the text 'Institutionalized,' representing the song by Suicidal Tendencies. Which is going on a black shirt. 

Rob Green: Do you find yourself drawing in your free time?  When you sit down to draw do you have a definite idea of what you want in your head, or are you more inclined to just ‘wing it’? 
Chris Trashfits: I don't really draw in my free time but when I draw I'll try to get some source material to help me, but I almost always have a definite idea of what I want to draw. But in saying that, I tend to 'wing it' when I've been drinking...

Rob Green: What else do you do in your free time?  How do you unwind? 
Chris Trashfits: FIFA with my room mates. It get's pretty heated at times and I would hardly call that unwinding, but nah, FIFA is the greatest. 
Rob Green: Do you have anywhere in Brisbane you enjoy to hang out? A bar?  Maybe somewhere to grab a bite to eat? 
Chris Trashfits: I find myself at Greaser quite a lot, and I do love a good burger and Ben's Burgers has it going on!  
Rob Green: Any words of advice you can give to other young artists?
Chris Trashfits: I dont really have any advice because I'm not an artist, but I would say get your style down pat.  

Rob Green: Thanks for taking the time Chris and we wish you the best with everything.

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