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We've been fans of Lizzy Anderson's art for sometime now. Loving her interesting vision on musicans, writers and film characters. We thought, what the heck, let's interview this local sensation and get into the mind of a freak (in a good way) genius. VG womenswear buyer fired a few questions off and here's what Lizzy had to say.

What did you use to draw as a kid?

Pizzazz mostly, from Jem and The Misfits or Dragons.

How did you get started with your medium? What made you choose portraiture as the focus of your work?

I’ve always like to draw people. I started using the wacom computer combo as I found it the most difficult, like the challenge. It's all quite natural now. I use the Wacom tablet and pen so its exactly the same as if I were using a pad and pen. 

Have you done a self portrait?

I have, It was weird. I thought I should for a profile picture online.... worse than a selfie. I spent 15mins on it.

Weapon of choice? (Creative process? What tools are used? Etc) What does art mean to you?

When I think about it, I put music on and just draw. It's a creative outlet for me, a way to get what you feel inside onto paper, to communicate through imagery only. An expression of how someone effected you through a line, colour, pose. I try to achieve a portrayal of the feeling they gave me, without words.

Who is your creative hero and how did they help inspire what you do?

I would say probably Andy Warhol, he sees the world in such a beautiful way. The movie Basquait and David Bowie first introduced me to Andy. Since then I have wanted his hair and way of communicating. I find his outlook on everything so left, yet so right. He looks at the world through glitter glue and 501’s

You are obviously massive fans of all the subjects in your work, if you could meet any 2 of them, who would they be & why?

Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes - I saw them when they played at the Hi-Fi supporting The Brian Jonestown Massacre, so, so good. Just amazing actually, blew me away! I was mesmerised by his guitar playing, honestly so talented and understated. He seems like such a lovely, humble guy who just oozes cool without trying. Also he has taken the time to email me and ‘like’ my stuff on social media, that support is just lovely. He is hugely talented. Their latest album Pe’ahi is amazing!

Jack Kerouac - If I could live vicariously through anyone on the planet it would have to be Jack Kerouac, he just is and it's brilliant.

Have any of the subjects (artists) purchased the portraits of themselves?

I send a complementary copy of my portraits to however I've drawn. I have a signed PJ Harvey, she sent me in return. My eyeballs leapt out of my skull I was so excited.

Also as a massive fan of Wes Anderson movies here at VG, what is it about his movies and characters that you love and make you think ‘yeah, I want to draw those guys’?

Whimsical 1960’s ascetic I’m in love with, innocence of the characters and the​  saturation of the colours in his films.

Also can we expect any The Grand Budapest Hotel portraits soon…? (Please, I LOVE that movie)

You can indeed, Bill Murray is in the to do list too.

What are you currently working on – who is the next famous face to have their portrait done? Where will you be taking ANDLIZZY into the future?

I've been doing a lot of custom artwork. Just finished a Paul Dempsy and a Bowie. I have a Marc Bolan and Van Morrison customs booked in. I am in love with The Veils so would like to draw Finn Andrews soon. Also I'm contributing work to a London agency who deal with pretty impressive fashion brands - so that's exciting.

Do you have any other special talents (artistic or otherwise)?

Um, I play a bit? My uncle gifted me my very own guitar when I was 6. I used to put on concerts for my toys.

What do you enjoy doing when not creating art?

Currently reading Big Sur, drink way to much coffee and love to see music

Where can we see more of your work?

Instagram and Facebook - I post most of my working on there, twitter too. I have some stuff in NZ and Artisan as well as Violent Green.

And a quick few of your favourites:
  1. Favourite place in Brisbane? Reverends - seen as I'm a coffee nut, great coffee, great music.
  2. Favourite movie of all time? It would have to be between My Own Private Idaho and Scott Pilgrim vs The World.
  3. Favourite book? Just Kids - Patti Smith
  4. Favourite snack? Coffee’s a snack right?
  5. Favourite song/s to work to? I call this method drawing. I draw to the musical influences of those I'm drawing.
  6. Favourite thing to draw (other than portraits)? Least favourite thing to draw?Bones, skulls and flowers - Favourite. Cars and Architecture - Least Favourite
  7. If you were to achieve world domination, what would be the first thing you would make people do? People live too fast, don’t stop enough to just enjoy. I would make people stop to enjoy what's around them.
Thanks alot for your time Lizzy!

To view some of Lizzy's work, pop into Violent Green stores or click here

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