Friday, 21 September 2012

JORDY by Jordan Askill - Delivery update

You know those stupid sales that happen in all the big department stores on boxing day right? Yeah, we've all seen it on the box when there's a massive hoard of angry people waiting outside the store and the moment the doors open, they come flooding in like crazy batz outta hell. Yeah, well that crazy shit is about to happen in our poor little store when the highly anticipated Jordy by Jordan Askill rings arrive. We've been told these guys (the rings below) have been sent out from London this week. Therefore, the moment they arrive in the VG stores, all hells gonna break loose. If you're one of the smarty pants people that thought about how manic its gonna get, then you've already preordered (congratulations, you rule. So sit back and sip a nice beverage, we'll be in touch soon). If you are one of those people that like a elbow to the head, a shove to the back and a knee to the "yoohoos", then be ready, as the delivery has been sent and about to be delivered. For preorder enquiries and prices, please email

Jordy by Jordan Askill is available in Violent Green stores

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