Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Prints, prints and more prints. This season...take a wild guess what its about? PRINTS. Yep, and the more the fucking better. Print on print ..wooohoooo! And if that's not good enough, throw another layer of prints on again. We wanna seem some freaking crazy shit. Triple it up. Or take it to a new level with printed hat, shirt, jacket, pants, socks..and if you are lucky enough to get the new Karen Walker x Beau Coops boots, PRINTED SHOES! Violent Green have every print you could possibly want this season ( 99% are in house label designed) so pop into the store for  some.....PRINTS.

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sheila m olson said...

Colors are so effective and attractive that if they are printed they looks awesome on any thing like fabric, paper, metal, plastic etc. The designs are awesome. It is no doubt that you are printing it on fabric but try it on paper say postcard printing or stuff.