Wednesday, 8 August 2012


So umm yeah, VG have been known to be a little slow on the technology. Twitter..not really. Facebook ....sorted... finally! Instagram..doneski. Online store.....ON THE WAY! 
The gazillion emails and requests have been answered. VG ARE GOING ONLINE! If you still like to see our smiling VG faces, then please pop into the VG stores as we really love seeing you too!

 If you think we are ugly ( heh heh I'm sorry, my mum dropped me on my face when I was a wee toddler), then you don't need to see our mugs ever again. The Violent Green online store will be launching very very soon ( we predict August) so please keep checking this page for updates. Exciting times huh?!
For enquiries, please email
ps. Check out monkey magic's big gonads. hahhah

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