Friday, 22 June 2012

INSIGHT 51 - Spring 2012 sneak peek

I once had a conversation with Fredrik (Malmo and ex Hem and Haw/Mjolk designer) about his vision and ideal for his label Malmo. He stated its a helluva lot harder to produce a two button suit blazer that's affordable than designing one that's expensive. Sure you anyone can pump one out that retails for $1200 but its a lot harder to keep the retail price at under $300. Yep, the hurdles. There's production factories, minimums and plenty of other obstacles to get around to keep an item affordable for the masses. I totally agree. There's a few great labels nowadays that are producing some wicked design with equally wicked prices. INSIGHT 51 is one of those labels. Sure they're not a suiting label but damn, they know a thing or two about their own market. Born out of the northern beaches of Sydney, these surf/skaterats really encompass the laid back lifestyle that us Queenslanders love. Insight also collaborate with a talented bunch of artists ( garage artist series) and their seasonal campaigns have become legendary. This July, Violent Green will be carrying the menswear component from Insight 51 and here's a little sneak peek. Prices are gonna make you laugh.....yep, laugh right to the bank.
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Insight 51 will be available in Violent Green stores from July 2012

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