Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I Would Go Out Tonight, But I Don't Have A Stitch To Wear

I like to think I am the voice of reason when the boys from VE catches up with the gang at VG. But it's hard to resist their charm and even harder to keep them well behaved .... a lost cause really. 

So last week 2 boys from Vanishing Elephant headed up to vegas for a product night, showcasing the upcoming 2nd summer menswear range. Awesome collection by the way! 
They lugged in two massive suitcases, one carton of Corona and plenty of snacks. The Corona beers probably wasn't the best idea as everyone was pretty thirsty.

(Moe)Isha loving the new Maracas deconstructed denim blazer. Side note* Huwballs is suppose to be working but all he gives a shit about is that corona on the table....


 taking his pants off ... again

Then off to get some dumplings & sake. Kampai!

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Huwballs felt left out.

 then the sake kicked in

 rumble time



yes that's Fifi under there

and yes Simon is sitting on his head

Poor Fifi.

Time to call it a night.
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