Monday, 26 December 2011


So you know the deal by now ( and its a damn good deal!). We have two sales a year. Mid year and end of year. This is the end of year ( obviously) and we've slashed the hell out of some of your favourite labels.

* Lover

* Line II by Dion Lee

* Chronicles of Never

* Karen Walker

* Vivienne Westwood x Melissa

* Alice McCall

* Ksubi

* Cheap Monday

* Odeur

* Vanishing Elephant

* Deadly Ponies

* Beau Coops

* Brixton

* Stolen Girlfriends Club

* Lonely Hearts

* Black Noise White Rain

* Obus

* Melissa

* An Ode To No One

* April 77

* Strummer

* Romance was Born

* Something Else

* Pennystock

* Surface to Air

* We Are Handsome

* Opening Ceremony

.......and plenty plenty more! Starts now and ends when we say so. See you soon friends of VG.

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