Monday, 5 December 2011


Our Christmas party was on Saturday and it was a great night. Thanks guys for another wonderful year, best team ever so BIG thanks again.

And what a night we had! Great memories, lots of laughter, a stolen plant and a couple of broken ribs but it was a night to remember. Big love to VG family.
Wah Wah takes over the reins from these two little shits ...
The Pros at it again
Starting to lose the plot ....
Pindals crooning while Roddy backs her up
Holy Grail Award (staff of the year) went to Rooster. What a champ! Congrats man, you deserved the title.
I Use to Suck Once Award (most improved) was a tie between Chuck Face
and The Chief. Good job guys!
as for these two ...err ... well ...
this is what happens when you steal a plant and lug it everywhere ...
so we took it to the dance floor.
Thanks again guys for another great year. VG FAMILY!!!

That's all folks!

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Anonymous said...

Kozdog would like that dance floor photo removed..hahah oh lord..twas an epic night I will give ourselfs that..:)