Wednesday, 11 May 2011


This week we have two choices for song of the week! They're picked because I recently purchased 2 new music dvds.
I finally found the Lemmy Doco and yeah, it was 4 years in the making but worth the wait. Quality. Lemmy is the coolest, baddest mofo in rock. If you haven't seen it, GET IT! Like the cover says, "LEMMY.... 49% motherfucker. 51% son of a bitch."

2nd dvd I purchased was the Black Flag live in concert. I've never seen it before (probably since I rarely get time to browse cd stores). I could be slow on this but I really don't care about being the first right? Sure it's not the "ultimate Black Flag" but it has the songs I fucking love. If you're a Black Flag fan, get it, watch it and then start slammin.

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