Friday, 6 May 2011


So a few of us were lucky enough to get down to Sydney for Australian Fashion week. We didn't really hit up too many shows (not much time) but here's a little recap of the first day. Day two coming soon.

Landed in Sydney, hotel fucks up the room, in turn makes us run late to our first appointment of the week.....Karen Walker Resort. Great range! Elesha ran through the collection with Ana and Kim while I got some chitchat time with Mr Paul Maloney (super legend) about good old ozziiiieee rock. Watched some stones clips and then time for some drinky time with Elesha.
First meal of the day....wedges. Then got a buzz from our besties, Huw and Felix (Vanishing Elephant bros) to meet at Shady Pines. Then off to the Lover show at Sydney Opera House.
How's this for a setup.
Please excuse the beer o'clock camera work.
The show was amazing, something we have come to expect from Lover. And of course the music was ace.
Now what to eat.... did someone say MacDonalds????
Huwballs and Simsim being dicks (nothing new)
Ana banana and Elesha on a mission for food
"kim...stop taking photos!"
Sim with FiFi ( VE) and Brian ( or Vincent??? identical twins really screws me up) from Incu stores. Yes, they have the best stores in Sydney.
are we still discussing mikky dees???
oh shit... we're actually standing in the MacDonalds queue?? You guys weren't kidding huh?
"nuggets or burger?" hmmm let me ponder says Fi.
Huwballs breaks his 8 year record ( he hasn't eaten maccas in that long!)
Kim's nugget glory.
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