Thursday, 8 April 2010


The Zoo, FourThousand, ALPS, 4zzz & Rave present:

Naboo DJ Set

(Mike Fielding of  THE MIGHTY BOOSH)
+ Supports TBA

Saturday 22nd May - The Zoo, Brisbane
Sunday 23rd May - Titanium, Gold Coast

Tickets onsale now at Rockinghorse, Violent Green, The Outpost, Apartment, Butterbeats & Sunflower

Mike is an accomplished DJ and has been playing many prestigious clubs and parties throughout the UK over the last few years. Mike plays through a range of styles from electro through indie to classic hits and always manages to bring the party. The Mighty Boosh has a massive cult indie following in Australia and this tour has been very well received so far.


Mike Fielding, brother of pop idol, Noel Fielding currently stars as Naboo, the freelance Shaman alongside his Brother Noel in the BBC3 smash hit "The Mighty Boosh" which has just completed its third magical season, a fourth is due for production in 2010.
The surreal genius has been DJ'ing to mighty crowds across the UK, playing a mash up of Indie electro tunes and mixed classics after completing a sell out six month live tour with THE MIGHTY BOOSH.
Mike plays the 406 Year old Naboo, a freelance shaman, recreational drug user and occasional dealer. Christened Naboo Randolf Roberdy Poberdy, the Enigma, he was raised on the planet Xooberon before being mistakenly sent to Earth. Interestingly Naboo has no genitals, and his groin is "As smooth as the bonnet of a Porsche."
Fielding became part of The Mighty Boosh when he accompanied Noel to a show in Australia. Noel said on an interview with Jonathan Ross that the abstract name of the show came about from one of Michael's Portuguese friends who described his hair as being like a "mighty bush", owing to Michael's curly childhood hairstyle.

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